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Todd Justesen

If you are looking for the guide/captain that requires you to be silent as he scouts for a record fish, I am not your guy.  I want you to enjoy the trip while listening to your favorite type of music, enjoy the views, and laugh a lot.  I have lived in Utah, Florida, and Texas for my main job and have always found time to fish.  My job is to provide you a quality experience, your job is to have a great time. 

I am very serious about your safety and want you to get off the boat with the same number of limbs you got on.


18' Trophy Boat

My primary boat is  an 18' trophy boat and my main style of fishing is trolling or casting.  I provide all gear to troll/cast and usually run two rods at a time (one starboard and one port).  I am not a strong fly fisher, though I have taken fly fishers who bring their own gear and fish off the deck.


Rules of the boat:

1. No glass is allowed on-board.  One broken piece of glass will provide months of finding shards. 

2. You may bring any type of drink or food on the trip.  I will provide basics (water and light snacks).  

3.  All safety gear (lifejackets) is provided on the trip and I highly encourage you to use them, minors MUST wear a lifejacket in accordance with Utah Law.


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